Back Bay, Baywood

Ysa walking the path
Week 31. 2nd Street, Baywood Park. It started at a soccer game. It morphed into lunch, strolling, beaching, and labrynthing.

looking back towards third street
The weather went from overcast and nippy to sunshiney to windy. The adults, we all kept our sweatshirts on. The kids would have none of that.

playing in the little dune
Nathan and Ysabel. These two pics sum up the Baywood Kid Life.

up this hill
Mom and Bec, up by the labyrinth.

Mom and Becca
I’m all for contemplative walking, but some days call out for silly running instead. Nathan ran the whole thing at least five times. Ysabel was right behind him.

Running the labyrinth

Labyrinth victory!

Ice plant and boats

Water way

Me, week 31