The Tin House

tin house on the hill
The Tin House was built by the same couple that lived at McWay Falls, the Brown family. Rumor has it that Mr. Brown built this house for his best friend and best man at his wedding, Teddy Roosevelt. Brown’s daughter refutes this rumor, robbing us of a fun story to tell. No matter, I’m sure there are other stories. I just don’t know them.

from the inside
Unfortunately, the 2008 Great Basin Fire roared through here, demolishing the whole house, leaving it in ruins and rubble. The roof has caved in and all that really remains are its metal walls, broken cement, and a front porch.

view of the fireplace

dante graffiti
It has also become a canvas for decent hiker graffiti.


I do know one story about it. My friend Tom proposed to his wife Cami here. I have it on excellent authority (Tom told me) that this is true. Yea!

ocean view

4 thoughts on “The Tin House

  1. Whimsical memories after looking at an old Sunset magazine got me to checking web stories of the ‘Tin House’ and that led me here. I was fighting fires along the California coast in ~1986 and we ended a night shift of patrol/mop-up at the TH location before hiking some distance for the ride back down to firecamp. We were told (mistakenly) at that time of it’s Roosevelt connection and that they had committed many fire resources to protect it, as evidenced by the extensive hand & cat lines. But even in ’86, the residence was in a pitiful state of repair, mostly from water damage due to the even-then collapsing roof. I do recall a bit more woodwork existing then since seeing pictures from 2011 and after. All this to say that a fire in 2008 did not alone diminish the TH’s condition. I must say that the view from the home’s huge covered deck area that one fine morning stuck with me.

    • Norm, thanks so much for commenting and telling about your experience here. I guess if there is one ongoing truth for this part of the coast, it is that fires will come again (unfortunately). Thanks for battling the blazes back then.

      You are right, also, about the views. Pretty. Peaceful. Perfection.

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