Hiking is good. Let’s do more of it.

From Cerro San Luis looking towards Bishop Peak

So we have Sur a Month (beginning March 2013 and running through February 2014) and Beach a Week (beginning March 11, 2013 and going through the first week of November 2013) and to it I am adding Peak a Week (spring equinox through fall equinox) to round things out and make 2013 one of those years where I will look back and say, “Man, that was a good year.”

Goal: hike the lovely hills all over the Central Coast (but flat hikes will be okay, too, in a pinch.). It’s okay if it’s the same damn peak over and over again. I don’t care. I just want to be outside making the most of the time change and the ability to quickly hit a trail

3 thoughts on “Hiking is good. Let’s do more of it.

  1. Very inspiring. I’m so out of practice doing things like that – I used to be out every weekend doing it but life has a habit of taking over. I need to make more time to do things like this again. I’m healthier and happier when I’m doing it so there isn’t a down side at all.

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