Felsman Loop with Tom

Hillsides, oak tree and cerros
Week 23. August 25, 2013 Felsman Loop.

Much of the Felsman loop is in the shade of oak tree groves
Tom and Cami moved away. Two of our favorite people; we were so sad to say goodbye. Luckily I got to go for a last hike with Tom before he left. We hiked the Felsman Loop, a spin off trail from Bishop Peak.

another view of bishops
We are in the dog days of summer and all hills are brown, tan, golden, and more brown. Things feel dusty with a sense of brittleness.

Felsman doesn’t have the same vertical climb as Bishops but it is still a great hike with sweeping vistas of San Luis Obispo.

me and tom

path around

tree is the scrub

little path

me and tom


Peak a Week #23