Surfliner: IRV to SLO

airstream on coast

When you take the Amtrak Surfliner between SLO to So Cal, you get about one hour’s worth of private ocean time. What I mean by that is that the tracks hug a part of the coast you can’t see (or get to) by car. Private glimpses into a mostly undeveloped area of California that most never get to see.

Over the past few years I’ve noticed this one spot… it had two airstreams. What a coincidence how they were always there camping as my train went by. Over the years the Airstreams have multiplied and they seem to be more permanent fixture than Weekend Warrior Happenstance.

I asked around and the story I heard is that they belong to a famous director (I guarantee you’ve seen his movies). He owns a wide, wide swath of land and has it mostly to himself, unless a train goes by.

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