Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach warning

Week 17. June 30, 2013. This beach is a beauty — no question. And the sand is purple (in parts). But on an off day it’s so windy that at times the sand blasts into your skin like little pieces of evil sharp evil things. And the ocean has a rip current that is sneaky and strong and waves come crashing in from three different directions.

Pfeiffer Beach

Yet, people still get in the water. And then they spread their blankets on the beach and pretend that they aren’t experiencing purple sand dermabrasion.

Pfeiffer Beach running from the waves

These kids had it right. Run! Run for your life kids.

Pfeiffer Beach chasing waves

And I shouldn’t joke because people have died at this beach, getting caught unaware by the rogue rip.

Pfeiffer Beach running from waves

We braved the elements, too.

Steve at Pfeiffer Beach

Braving the wind, watching kids run from waves at Pfeiffer Beach

The trees that line the path to the beach are truly beautiful. I love Monterey Cyprus.

Monterey Cyprus at the Pfeiffer Beach boundary

Trees along the walk back to our car

I heard that if it’s windy in other parts of Big Sur, it’s a windstorm at this one. So here’s my advice: if it’s calm, go. Visit. And know that you are experiencing an amazingly beautiful beach on an amazingly beautiful day. If it’s not calm — let’s say it’s a little breezy elsewhere on your Big Sur trip, go. Visit. But go armed with a warm jacket and a hood (not a hat — it will blow off) that you can cinch tight to your head. And know you are experiencing an amazingly beautiful beach with hellish conditions and stay the heck out of the water.

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Week 17

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  1. I love being part of your hiking journeys. Thanks for always posting beautiful pictures and memorable times.

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