Cairns at Sand Dollar


Big Sur Month 11, part 2: The rock stacks


One of the surprising things from my beach and Big Sur adventures were the number of rock stacks we came upon. So many of the beaches I went to were rocky and so many of them had cairns. Even when Steve and I were the only ones in sight, the only ones on the trail, the only ones upon the beach, we’d still often come across a cairn or three (or twenty).

Sand Dollar was no exception.


I especially loved the echo of the sea stacks in the rock stacks. Sentinels on shore, sentinels at sea.





4 thoughts on “Cairns at Sand Dollar

    • Not sure if yours is a real comment or not, David, but alas no. I have had this domain since 1999 and it means a lot to me. Good luck to you in your business.

  1. Hi, You have a photo of a cairn at the beach titled “140125-cairns”on your site.
    It came up on a google search for an image. I was wondering if you had this image in a larger format that I can use on a display for a small start up company.
    All we have budgeted for photo used on this is $45. I know its not a lot but thought I would ask. Thank you!

  2. Hey Marya,

    I work at a progressive church in Far East Dallas, and love the images of the stacking stones. I wondered if I could use a couple for a series graphic. The series is talking about really bad, hurtful theology that we hear far too often in the Bible Belt, as opposed to building community, caring for one another, living in the tension of differing opinions, and so on.

    Please let me know what you think.


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