Foggy Morro Strand at San Jacinto


Summer started which meant the fog rolled right in. So we went to Morro Bay. Lunch at Taco Temple and quick walk on the beach to pretend we could see the rock.

Steve going through the bush tunnel

Because the snowy plovers live on this beach, laying their eggs in the sand like the dimwitted cuties they are, much of the dunes are roped off and off limits. A trail takes you through a tall-bush tunnel….

tall bush tunnel

I call this photo No and No.
no and no

And nyet to pets.
still no



Looking due north.
looking north

Looking due south. This would be where we would typically see the big looming rock.
view of the rock

one-legged curlew

curlew went a-courtin'

dune flower

yellow flower stand

I’m a sucker for a pun: drift-mas tree.
driftmas tree

me, week 16