Estero Bluffs

Estero bluffs

Just a breath north of Cayucos is Estero Bluffs, a place of shorebirds and rock coves.

Here’s a little of what the walk and beach looked like (a la Steve. Thank you Steve.)

The sign implies “dogs okay” but at the beach there seemed to be big “no dogs” signs. Mixed messages! However, considering the number of plovers we saw on the shore, it would seem the “no dogs” would win out.

Estero bluffs

Estero bluffs

Tons of birds this morning, with the ocean filled with seagulls and pelicans and the rocks decorated with cormorants and wave splashes and the beaches Killdeer City.


cormorants rock on

the cormorants and the wave

I’m not sure what intertidal creature leaves this mark, but obviously it is an early breed of highway man.

trail left by mysterious intertidal creature on the sand

Our beaches are pretty free of trash. This bottle was the only refuse I saw. I didn’t have the heart to pick it up, as it was a new hunting ground for a totally different kind of sea creature.

someone left a bottle on the beach (not us!)

And here is Steve’s video of bottle activity:

This gull was being chased by five other gulls. Five greedy, hungry other gulls.

the gull will have the crab

Looking towards Cayucos.

looking towards Cayucos

And out to sea.

looking out into the ocean

me, week 15