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Week 5 already and I love this challenge. So glad I started all of these (Peak, Beach, Sur). This week was a bit of a repeat as we did parts of trails that wind about Cerro San Luis (aka San Luis Mountain aka Madonna Mountain.). While Steve calls this Lemon Grove Loop, when I looked at maps I realized we do half of Lemon Grove Loop, jump on an alternate trail that takes us all the way around the peak and then back down the main road for a longer hike.

This was also the first group hike of my Peak a Week challenge, instigated by both Shane and Steve (thanks guys). There were eight of us (10 if you include Kirstin and Bailey who never quite caught up and ended up taking a different trail with Shane).


This is Doug.

Cami catches up

And this is Cami. At eight months, she still hustled up the hill and caught up with us even after we’d had an eight-minute or so head start.



Hiking in a grove

The group through the trees. Doug, Karen, Corinna.

The north side of the hill is my favorite, with its thick grove of oaks and such.



The view of Bishop Peak with Tom and Cami

Tom, Cami and Bishop Peak


Bishop Peak and its swath of mustard patches. I hope we get one more rain storm so we can sustain the green a bit longer. Soon this will be brown, brown, tan, and brown.

Hikers from emdot on Vimeo.

(Timelapse by Steve Akers)

Peak a Week, Week 5

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  1. I love going hiking with you even though I’m in Hawaii. Thank you so much. You live in such a beautiful place. Great to see you enjoying what you have in you “backyard”

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