Johnson Ranch | Week 4 | Peak a Week

Oak tree at Johnson Ranch

Johnson Ranch isn’t a peak, but it is a hike, which is the whole point of this challenge: Getting outside and making the most of this beautiful county and Pacific Daylight Time.

beginning of the hike

looking west

Path winds around oak trees

This is a newer trail in SLO. It was bought by the city in 2001 (it was a working ranch up until that time). A volunteer group (I think) called Leadership worked the trails and made it accessible for hikers and bikers. It must have been great to be a part of that group.

People on the trail

The trail was packed despite the fact that we got there late (packed meaning, we saw about 8 mountain bikers and 6 other hikers).


I’m embarrassed to say I’d never hiked Johnson Ranch before. My friends have raved (special shout out to Kristin and Aurajoy), so I really don’t know what took me so long. (Yes I do: I am in love with Bishop Peak. Previously my thought was “why hike anywhere else?”). I loved today’s hike and can’t wait to head back out there, especially while the spring flowers are still blooming. The trail is packed with both white and purple lupine, vetch, poppies, and tall, tall mustard. Also currently going crazy: aromatic sage and the sweet scent of Sycamores. Two of my favorite things.

Bees are in the white boxes
Those white boxes are for bees.

This road is not part of the trail. I loved the white lupine.
I loved all the white lupine today. Not sure why this road is not part of the trail.

The road winds around another oak tree

I love Sycamore trees.
I love the scent of sycamore trees.

Grass and hills

A couple of extras

Steve’s little vine video featuring The Frog Chorus (Turn up the volume!) (Vine)

Afternoon hike. #slo #sanluisobispo
Steve’s lupine shot (Instagram via Flickr)

Johnson Ranch
My sycamore shot (Instagram via Flickr)

Me! Week 4 at Johnson Ranch

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  1. Oh my gosh, the grass shot is sooo cool. Great shots, glad you liked the hike. Makes me want to hike it tomorrow! Great frog video too S!

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