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I was in San Diego for a conference and thought that it posed a pretty good opportunity to get to a beach outside my county. In fact, I had grand plans: beaches, hiking, beaches, hiking… I would make the most of my time in the Southernmost part of the state.

But what really happened is that my brain was so wiped out for learning learning learning during the conference day that all it wanted to do was hit the hay the moment I got back to my hotel room.

Monday, at least, we ventured to Coronado Beach (recommended by my friend and fellow-conference goer and fellow-San Diegan, Liana). By the time we got there it was approaching sunset, but you’d never know because the fog had come in.

Regardless, it was a pretty beach and a pretty evening and I was pretty happy to be there.

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach

For those of you who don’t know, the red-roofed building is the Hotel Del Coronado (built 1885, Queen Ann style). People call it the Hotel Del. It’s huge and grand. Do read the history if you are interested.

Coronado Beach

The no sign



Gull flying away

Sand castle

This little guy befriended me pronto. I didn’t mind one bit as he was (obviously) cute as a button with a little personality to match. Plus, he gives some perspective to the size of the sand castle.

Sand castle and my little munchkin friend

Party at the Hotel Del

Hotel Del, night time

Me, Beach a Week 11

3 thoughts on “Coronado | Week 11 | Beach a Week

  1. The last photo of Hotel Del made me OOOOOHHHhhh out loud. :) And the little boy….so cute and I ditto Patrick. And I laughed that nudity and kites are in bold on the sign….probably because there’s room…but still funny (to me) <3

  2. Thanks PTP.

    Pat — I didn’t notice the extra bold till you pointed it out. Maybe it’s just no to extra bold nudity?

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